Dog-Obsessed Veterinarian with a Powerful Pen

Dog Cancer Vet - Maui, Hawaii, United States - Part time - Writer/Editor


[REMOTE WORK] Help Dog Lovers Facing Canine Cancer with the Power of Your Pen: Dog Cancer Vet Writer/Editor, 20-30 Hours/Week, Flexible Schedule, DREAM DVM Writing Job!

Love your veterinary work, but wish you had more control over your schedule? Have a secret dream to be a writer someday? If you have a DVM or VMD and want to make that dream come true, write and edit for Maui Media and be a part of the franchise created by the best selling animal health book in the English language.

Cancer is the number one killer of dogs, but there’s a lot dog owners can do to manage it. That’s the message our tearm of Dog Cancer Veterinarians have been giving to dog lovers since 2007. That’s the year Demian Dressler, DVM, started writing at In 2008, we published the first edition of his best-selling small animal health book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Life Quality and Longevity. (Read the reviews on Amazon.) Susan Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology) joined Dr. D as co-author for the second edition, published in 2011. We serve hundreds of thousands of dog lovers all over the world with the book, articles, and social media outreach.

Unfortunately, the need for high quality writing about dog cancer and related dog health topics is only growing as the years go by. We’re looking for a veterinarian with writing chops to join our content team who resonates with our “Full Spectrum” approach to cancer management.

That means no dogma (pun intended).

Conventional veterinarians who think lifestyle, mind-body, and supplement strategies are a waste of time need not apply.

Neither should holistic vets who would never, ever, ever consider chemotherapy or radiation.

We’re about open minds and open hearts, life quality and well-being.

Here’s the truth: we obsess about the dogs. And we work to make sure our content is easy to understand and actionable by dog lovers who need accurate, medically vetted information at a critical time in their dog's life. There are so many things that our readers want to know about to help their dog's treatment and life quality.

This is an important position, and we are looking for the right person. In service to that, we have a multi-step application process that is, by its nature, designed to help us and you figure out whether you are “the one.” It will involve essays, a fun video interviews process, and meetings with team members. If you are asked to move forward step by step, it’s because we are increasingly sure you are a good fit. We are looking for a long-term thinker to join our growing editorial team.

If at any point in the process you think “I don’t want to do this,” you are almost certainly not the right person, and can (and should) bow out. No hard feelings. We promise not to waste your time, and appreciate you not wasting ours. 😉

To start, fill out the application below. You must include a cover letter, and you must start your cover letter with this fill-in-the-blank sentence: "If my dog was diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I'd do is _______." After submission, you will be prompted to take the next steps.



We’re looking for a Writer/Editor to join our team as a dog cancer content specialist. You do not have to be an oncologist, but you do need to have a special interest in cancer as a topic. A veterinary degree is a must. And it goes without saying, you should be obsessed with dogs 🙂

To start with, you will be helping us to update the second edition of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide and its associated materials for 2020. You will also be researching and writing new articles on dog cancer, general health, nutrition, and other dog-related topics for our sites. You will also be a part of the team that produces our dog-health related podcasts.

Fast writing, strong voice, and confident presentation a must. You will be interacting with and interviewing other veterinary professionals and experts in addition to writing.

Please apply if you ...

  • want to write
  • are curious and open-minded and interested
  • have a soft heart for people who are hurting and looking for answers
  • want to be in charge of where you live
  • want mentorship and fun to be part of your daily work life



  • Amazing team members who have a lot of fun, work hard, and ALL LOVE DOGS. 🙂
  • Complete control over your schedule, 20-30 hours per week
  • Total support on the technical. Don’t know how to post online? Don’t worry, we can train you up or do it for you. We’re interested in your writing and communication skills and your veterinary knowledge!
  • Potential for occasional travel for conferences and trade shows (we pay your way).
  • Above Market Compensation commensurate with experience.