Do You Remember Love?

by James Jacobson

Do You Remember Love

This little movie has touched millions of hearts all over the world

When a movie causes a groundswell of hope and love like this one has ...

(over 3 million people have seen and shared this movie since Valentine's Day, 2007)

... dog lovers want to "take the movie home."

After years on the internet as a viral sensation for dog lovers - and after thousand of requests for a DVD version - we hired a movie editor to digitally re-master the internet version for television so that the images are crisp and clear, the music sounds great, and the voice is rich and full.

Barbara Rosenblat's voice (she's the actress who narrates the "tail") sounds like she's in the room with you. The pictures - 20 times larger than they are on a dinky computer screen - really put the dogs "in the living room."

"When I Am Gone, Will You Remember Love?"

If we listen, our dogs remind us every day to remember love, and every day we need reminding.

Dog Lovers Are a Breed Apart, Aren't We?

Some people think we're crazy about our dogs and don't "get it" that they're "just a pet."

But the fact is, THEY don't get it.

Our dogs are NOT just pets. They are our family. And unlike most of our family members, they love us unconditionally.

This little movie might seem silly to some, but to us ... it's a reminder of unconditional love. Enjoy.

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