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Welcome to Maui Media, a 21st century media company where diamonds in the rough are cut and polished until they sparkle. Our books are well-designed, useful, and fun to read. Our classes feature practical and actionable information presented in an amusing style. Whether we’re working with a Nobel Prize winner while he reads his inspirational book (and giggles his trademark infectious giggle), helping people understand and cope with their dog’s cancer diagnosis, or helping foodies pick a good restaurant on Maui, we hand-craft our titles and projects. Once we have something really fabulous, we sell the heck out of it so that everyone benefits. Read more…

Millions Benefit from Maui Media Titles & Projects

People all over the world have watched our internet movies, joined our communities, and read our books. Read a few fan letters, check out Our Titles and Our Projects or see how you can Do Business With Us.

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