The Dog Cancer Coping Guide

by Dr. Demian Dressler

Dr. Dressler's first publication, this intimate, deeply helpful audio CD is designed to help dog lovers cope with a new cancer diagnosis. Thousands have found his soothing voice a comfort during a trying time.

The Dog Cancer Coping Guide

When many first get the diagnosis that their dog has cancer, they feel feel overwhelmed. It is usually unexpected news and can be a life-altering, major shock. This is a critical time and your dog needs you now more than ever. You owe it to your dog to have a clear mind and the information to deal with this disease effectively. This guide is the first place people turn to.

This guide is the first place to turn if your vet tells you that your dog may have cancer. The Dog Cancer Coping Guide will help you:

  • Become your dog's primary healthcare advocate. Deciding how to handle your dog's cancer is too important an issue to ignore or delegate to others. At this critical time, your dog needs you to become his or her principal advocate in all healthcare and diet decisions.
  • Plan the best course of treatment for your dog. Information and resources in this guide empower you to make the right decisions for your dog and gain the confident mindset needed to chart the best course of treatment.
  • Communicate with your veterinarian most effectively. Not all vets have the time or ability to communicate with you so you understand all the options. Some vets are not open to "outside the box" treatments. This guide will help you convey and receive information so everyone understands.
  • Help you cope with emotions. The impact of learning that your dog has cancer can be profound and may stir up a number of emotions. This guide has six proven exercises that have helped other dog lovers cope with the cancer diagnosis and regain clarity.

Available as a digital download (mp3) and as a physical CD
List Price: $27