Wish I Had One Like It for Every City

“I love this book and wished that I had one just like it for every place that I visit. I am a travel agent and travel often. I am always buying lots of guides to compare each other with to get the best advice on where to dine. I am a planner to the last detail and I HAVE to know where we are going to eat when we travel. It just saves so much time when you are actually on vacation. We love food and appreciate good quality and service. We don’t like to spend a lot on eating so value is also very important. This book is great. We will be putting it to the test in June of 2008 and I look forward to comparing our experience with the authors. I am almost finished reading and highlighting the book and look forward to any updates forthcoming.  Thanks so much…now Molly and James go live somewhere else and write another guide! New York would be great!!”