Totally Trust the Ratings and Reviews

“There’s nothing worse than trying to pick out a place to eat and then finding out that the reason there are few other cars in the parking lot is because the food (1) is too expensive or (2) is poor in quality or selection. With this book, you can have a much better chance of your dining experience meeting all of your expectations. It’s particularly valuable when you are hungry and in a part of the island where you haven’t been before. You’ll know ahead of time that while you may not like the hamburgers here, the house specialty, fish tacos, are the best you’ve ever had. It’s even more valuable when you’re trying to plan that “special” (read: expensive) celebratory meal and you want everything to go “just right” for the evening. It’s also great for experimenting with that little out of the way place that only the locals know. I’ve eaten at enough of the featured restaurants over the last few trips to Maui to totally trust the ratings and reviews given in this terrific handbook for making successful dining choices.”