Tell It Like It Is!

When we are faced with cancer in our beloved pets many times it has gone beyond the stages where we can take care of it. But sometimes there is hope. When Bullet was diagnosed with this type of cancer that not many vets / oncologists had seen before and those that had were familiar with so few cases – we had to do everything to help him through it. There is no stone that I left unturned to get information on this type of cancer – and dog cancer in general. Running a kennel of retired racing Greyhounds – and adopting them to people who may have to face this in later years – I feel obligated to learn all I can about the dreaded disease. Having lost two Greyhounds at age 10 to osteosarcoma and one at age 6 to multiple myoloma, I know the heartbreak. There is so much on the internet – and we don’t know what is true and what is not. I was going through information overload by the time I found this resource where things were “all together” and it was written by someone that I could trust to “tell it llike it is”. I wound definately recommend The Dog Cancer Survival Guide to other dogs lovers going through the ordeal with their animals.