Important Book

After getting Jett’s CT scan results that showed a nasal tumor and a mass on her right atrium, I was pretty emotional and wrestled thinking how I was going to help Jett. Three days later, while searching the internet for cancer information, I found The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. I watched the video and then I ordered the book. The DCSG helped me sort out a lot of information. It helped me organize my thinking. It helped clear up a lot of confusion. As I write this, Jett is with me and doing a heroic job contending with her disease. I won’t kid anyone about this, as anyone experiencing hemorrhaging tumors can tell you, the constant care required tests every ounce of your being. Having The DCSG as a resource helped me understand my options and most importantly taught me I was the decision maker for Jett’s care. The DCSG is an important book and for the sake of my pet, I’m glad I found it.