I Got It Back After Two Hours

“I can’t tell you how much my wife and I have enjoyed your book Top Maui Restaurants.  I’m being very honest in telling you that we have been coming to Maui since 1975 and have been going to the same old restaurants year after year.  This year, however, was a totally different experience. I accidentally stumbled on your book while doing some research on a new restaurant my wife and I had never tried.  I immediately fell in love with the short blip discussing your book and wanted to order it on Amazon.com for our trip.  My wife said it wasn’t necessary and to not bother.  I said if we eat at just one recommended restaurant in the book, it might pay for itself the first night.  She said we knew all the good restaurants so don’t waste your time.  She couldn’t have been more wrong. I ordered the book anyhow and wanted to surprise her with it when we arrived in Maui.  Well, on the flight over from Los Angeles, I pulled out the book and started to research some different places for dinner; mainly a place we had never been to before.  I wandered through the book starting with places in South Maui since we were staying in Wailea and began to read one or two of the reviews.  Before I could read any further, she said let me see that book.  About two hours later I got it back.  It wasn’t necessary though, because she had already made up a list of at least ten restaurants she wanted to try out based on your reviews…you have given us new life.  It’s almost like coming to Maui for the first time all over again.  We can’t wait to come back again next year to continue on in your book.  It’s an absolute winner for any life style or budget.  We can’t thank you and James enough.  The only thing that we were disappointed in was ourselves, for not buying the book sooner.  “