I Did Hours of Research – But All I Needed Was This Book

“I did hours and hours and hours of research on sites such as tripadvisor, Yahoo! Travel, citysearch, yelp, etc. etc. Then I bought this book, and found that I could have bypassed the entire onerous task. Top Maui Restaurants 2008 agreed with all of my research, and provided a lot more. For example, the description of the very first restaurant I looked at in the book provided me information about booking at that particular restaurant that I had not discovered in my online research. I also appreciate the fact that the book is not a shill. If something sucks, the authors will tell you in no uncertain terms. Conversely, if they recommend a restaurant or a particular dish, they tend to be dead on the money (modulo personal food preferences, of course). Finally, the ability to get the entire book in PDF form (once you purchase the paper edition) is invaluable because it makes the book searchable electronically.”