Good for General Information, too!

“Just got home from Maui and this book was great in helping decide where to eat (both in advance and for some last-minute decisions). The tips section in the back had some good information as well on more general questions like “Should I drive the road to Hana.” However, this is a restaurant guide and not a general guidebook so you’ll need something else for maps, lists of sightseeing activities etc. You can also buy this book in several places on the island including KMart, WalMart, Costco, Borders, Barnes & Noble. I want to say I also saw it in one or two ABC stores but I could be wrong.
Not every restaurant is listed because there are hundreds of restaurants. But chances are if you are on Maui or have gone before, and you are curious about a particular restaurant, that there is a review of it inside! We had some great meals and some so-so ones (fully agreed upon by the reviews) and I know that Top Maui restaurants will help us again next time we have occasion to be in Maui.”