“I have never written a review for a book or anything else. (Really!) I just had to pass on the delight I experienced in reading this book. Why, you ask? 1.) It’s incredibly well-organized, providing all the information you will need to make well-informed decisions about one of the most fun things to do anywhere, which is eat. 2.)It is well-researched by a couple who have tried all the restaurants in the book during many visits. They live on this island, and they don’t just rely on one visit, but return often to continue to reevaluate the conditions. They attempt to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. And they send friends to these restaurants and get their opinions. Wow. 3.)It is well-written, and believe me I readily admit to being a snob in that category. They tell you what’s good, and know where these restaurants are getting their supplies from. They know the cook’s reputation and history. They even tell you about the parking around the restaurant. The writing isn’t dry and formulaic, but down-right prosaic, and very funny when called for. There’s just a wealth of information on so much about everything, that I would have wanted to read it even if I weren’t going to Maui!! And 4.) They have a special rating that appealed especially to me. It’s called the “…love in food”. When I read that, I understood what I always felt when I made bread and wanted to hand-knead it instead of tossing it into a machine. I always thought of it as ‘loving’ the bread, instead of just making a product. It’s what anyone does when they create a special dish for someone they care about. It’s what someone does when they make a quilt instead of buying a blanket, or creates a perfume, and if that “speaks” to you as it did to me, you’ll understand my enthusiasm. The authors rate the restaurants on this factor, because it does matter for the reasons mentioned above, and the fact that it makes one slow down and really enjoy, instead of just filling the ‘hole’ and moving on. Oh, and as if that weren’t enough, the authors have a blog where you can ask questions, and get really speedy and informative answers! I wrote and asked about cooking classes on Maui and had a fantastic response within the hour! In a place where the general attitude is “Hang loose, Bruddah” this was way above 5 stars!! This was Mega wowie. Even if you’re not going to Maui, but just want to fantasize a bit, Buy This Book!! Wowie, and not the stuff that will get you busted, but will make you happy.”