Anyone Eating Out on Maui Needs This Book

“If you are going to Maui and you are not planning to eat all your meals at one resort, then you have to buy this book. We went to Maui twice in 2008, the first time without the benefit of this book, and ate at several restaurants with poor food, poor service, high prices, or even all three! Being an island, the choices are limited on Maui, and tourists often prefer to eat at a place they can walk to or get to easily, so for the restaurants us tourists are easy pickings! A good view does not guarantee good food or service (although almost always high prices), but with Top Maui Restaurants you can always have both, AND find something right near wherever you happen to be on the island. On our second trip to Maui a few months later, armed with Top Maui Restaurants, we ate like royalty and did not pay through the roof either, AND enjoyed many lovely views.
Personally I think everyone who plans to eat out anywhere in Maui should bring this book along.”