Accurate and Fair Ratings

“Thanks for your book, Maui’s Top Restaurants.  My wife Lisa ordered your book from Amazon before our recent trip to Maui.  It had been around 21 years since our last trip to Maui; this was the first trip to Maui for our two daughters: Lauren 21 and Carrie 18…We loved everything about the book.  Accurate and fair ratings, personal writing style, well explained sponsorship issue.  Having both multiple rating criteria, plus an overall rating was helpful.  The subsections were very helpful: Ten Meals on Maui, Recommended restaurants by food Craving, by budget, and most helpful was the By Location subsection.   If you have future editions in mind, one suggestion I have would be to add the overall rating next to the $$$ in the subsections.   That’s what wore out our book; looking up By Location, then going down the list of $$ and $$$ listings, then having to flip back to the master list to see what you thought.  If the rating was next to the $$$, boom we’re there in a flash…Thanks again for making such a positive impact throughout our recent vacation on Maui.  Anyone I know heading to Maui will be instructed to immediately buy a copy of TMR before they leave home.”