Marketing Consultations

James Jacobson

James Jacobson has a remarkable ability to "dowse" your company for the deep river of untapped profits running, untapped, beneath your current products and marketing strategies. Clients who listen carefully and implement his suggestions often say "That was hard ... but I'm so glad I did it." Those who don't often say "I wish I had done what you suggested." The difference between the two groups? Profitability, peace of mind, and confidence in the future of their business.

James is busy running two companies, but he makes room in his schedule for a small portfolio of clients who come to him on a regular basis or as-needed. It begins with an in-depth intake form that may take some time to fill out - but is always enlightening for the business.

Instead of getting an MBA at Harvard Business School, James Jacobson spent one year in 1990 studying with the world's most expensive marketing consultant in a unique protege program. He soaked up Jay Abraham's strategic mindset and used it to develop a video marketing agency in Washington, D.C., which was an early pioneer of video brochures. Over the years James has taken the marketing mindset he learned from Abraham and applied it to build multi-million dollar companies, both for himself and for his clients.Jacobson's trademark approach is called Congruent MarketingĀ®.

James Jacobson and Jay Abraham

Mentored by Jay Abraham in 1990

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