God Has A Dream

Hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu share his wise, heartfelt, and even humorous words with you in his own captivating voice.

An intimate and life-changing encounter with Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu.

Reaching out to people of all religious backgrounds, Archbishop Tutu shows you how to transform suffering into joy--both in your life and in our world. He offers an extremely personal and liberating message in a work that Tutu calls a cumulative expression of my life's work.

Echoing the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., Desmond Tutu says:

"God says to you, 'I have a dream. Please help me to realize it.’ It is a dream of a world whose ugliness and squalor and poverty, its war and hostility, its greed and harsh competitiveness, its alienation and disharmony are changed into their glorious counterparts."

God’s dream, Archbishop Tutu explains, is a place where laughter, love, and peace reign and where we realize that we are all members of one family--God's family.

It is not enough to tell you about God’s dream. Archbishop Tutu shows you how to live it.

In this 4 1/2 hour unabridged audio, Father Tutu helps you to "see with the eyes of the heart" and to cultivate the qualities of love, forgiveness, humility, generosity, and courage that we need to realize God's dream both personally and globally.

Like Afternoon Tea with Tutu

According to Publisher's Weekly, God Has A Dream is like having a long afternoon tea with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu. In this personal and intimate encounter you can hear—in his own words—what Desmond Tutu has to say on subjects including: becoming an oasis of peace, being courageous, seeing with the eyes of God, hearing God's voice, prayer, growing on our God's awareness. These audio cds are divided into the following eight chapters:

  • God Believes in Us
  • God Loves You As You Are
  • God Loves Your Enemies
  • God Only Has Us
  • Seeing With The Eyes of the Heart
  • Stillness: Hearing God's Voice
  • In The Fullness of Time
  • Your Part of God's Dream

Praise for God Has A Dream

God Has A Dream has already received powerful praise from people all over the globe. His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that listeners will benefit from it. Former President Jimmy Carter says that it is a “spiritual message – that if heeded – can change lives as well as history.” Many others have offered high praise for God Has A Dream including: Nelson Mandela, Jack Kornfield, Senator George Mitchell, and Arun Gandhi.

4 cds for $24.95

You can order the complete unabridged audio version of God Has a Dream written and read by Desmond Tutu for only $24.95. The four-and-a-half hour recording is available exclusively on four digitally-mastered compact discs and is packaged in a sturdy jewel case.

10% of All Profits are Donated to Charity

10% of all of our profits from this audiobook will be donated to charities which Desmond Tutu selects that are making a difference in the world. When you invest in this audiobook, you’re not only helping yourself and those who you share the CDs with—you are helping people all over the world who benefit from the work of the charities that Desmond Tutu supports.


A Vision of Hope for Our Time

About Desmond Tutu

In 1984 Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize and was thrust on to the world political stage where he became a universally respected moral leader and human rights advocate. While Nelson Mandela and many other political leaders languished in jail or exile, Archbishop Tutu became the voice of resistance to the Apartheid government in South Africa where he faced one the most intractable and seemingly hopeless political situations in the 20th Century.

Desmond Tutu recording the unabridged audiobook of "God Has A Dream" in January 2004.

As the highest ranking black clergy in his country, he campaigned tirelessly at home and abroad to end the racist laws that legalized segregation and the oppression of the non-white majority.

After Apartheid was finally ended, President Mandela asked him to serve as Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a historic attempt to replace hatred and retribution with understanding and resolution.

Now in his seventies, Archbishop Tutu wants to focus on the life of the spirit that politics encroached upon. He has always remained a deeply spiritual man and even during his two decades of globe-trotting, he spent several hours a day in prayer and meditation. It is through these intimate experiences with God that he says he finds his indomitable strength, his infectious joy, and his profound love. Even during the darkest days of Apartheid he would daily pray for the welfare of his adversary P. W. Botha, the unrepentant South African State President.

God Has a Dream is his most personal and soul-searching work. Unlike his earlier books which focused on the political struggle in South Africa, God Has a Dream shares the spiritual values that guided him and gave him hope in those troubled times.

With his characteristic humor and warmth, Archbishop Tutu offers an extremely personal and liberating message. In words that reach out to listeners of all faiths, he tells each of us how our individual and global suffering can be transformed into joy and redemption.


“I have the highest regard for my good and trusted friend Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I admire him for the wonderful, warm person he is and especially for the human principles he upholds, and I have no doubt that readers will enjoy and benefit from what he has to say in God Has a Dream.”
– His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“Desmond Tutu shows each of us how to transform our pain and sorrow into hope and confidence in the future. Whether you are the head of a country or the head of a household, you will cherish his words.”
– Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize recipient

“Archbishop Desmond Tutu, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. before him, has offered us a luminous vision of love and hope. God Has a Dream shows us how our personal and global suffering can be transformed into joy and redemption. With his great warmth and compassion, Archbishop Tutu offers a spiritual message that if heeded can change lives as well as history.”
– Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize recipient

“Like Desmond Tutu’s life, this book is a testament to the power of faith and optimism in human affairs.”
– Senator George J. Mitchell

“This book is a small miracle, an elegantly simple testimony to the shining spirit and unquenchable faith of Bishop Tutu and of all humanity. It will inspire your heart and reaffirm your faith.”
– Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart

“While the world is plagued by religious fanaticism Archbishop Tutu brings refreshing African wisdom like a soothing balm…a must read.”
– Arun Gandhi, founder/director, M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, Memphis, Tennessee

“We all want to know what produces larger-than-life people. We all need to know the mind and heart of greatness. Desmond Tutu gives you all the clues in this marvelous book of 'dreaming.' ”
– Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation

One of the 50 Best Spiritual Books of 2004
- Spirituality & Health Award, Spirituality & Health Magazine

God Has a Dream Book Cover

The Book: God Has a Dream

God Has A Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time is available in hardback as well as unabridged audio.

To order the hardback book, click here to Buy on Amazon.com


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A Vision of Hope for Our Time

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